Any character that has an ability that outside the realm of the typical human can be called a super. Their power levels vary wildly but it goes beyond just having a trick or that most people don’t. There’s a certain mindset that makes for a Super, just like there’s a mindset that differentiates Heroes from Villains.

Stopper One of the most powerful modern-era Supers. He has what seems to be an almost unlimited ability to ‘stop’ things.

Magnificent Max: Despite the name, this is a woman. She has what has been called an amazing luck power but seems more like serendipity. She’s always in the right place at the right time with the right resources to handle the situation. She is very connected and has a lot of contacts inside and outside the Supers world.

Weingard Clan: An organization of powerful but rather unconventional wizards. They stay on the right side of the law and do a lot of good, however.

Nikola Tesla III: One of the founders of Tesla Technologies and a scientific genius. He’s mostly interested in energy and wave propogation despite many lucrative offers to work on other things.

LA Phoenix: A sanctioned super team based in Los Angeles.

Harmony: Former PTA student that decided to become a ‘real’ hero (her word). Still, despite this opinion, she doesn’t speak ill of her alma mater. Her powers revolve around finding the essential harmonic resonance in objects… and overloading it.

Upright Man: Just the whisper of a rumor…

M18: Largest modern gang… dangerous even without their supers.

Smash and Grab: Little is known about this duo. Even the fact that there are two of them is based on rumor and guesswork.

Blacksmith: Deceased founder of the Mechanics.

LMNTO: Reformed villain.


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