Welcome to Praetorian Training Academy!

“With great power comes great… potential for property damage.” — Headmaster V

PTA was founded to help young potential heroes to control their superpowers. All its members have caused massive amounts of damage before joining and needed an organization that could help them manage their burgeoning abilities.

The teens that join are contracted with the Praetorian Group to work for them until they’ve paid off their debts. Of course, the US Constitution doesn’t allow people to be forced to honor contracts (especially minors!) but breaking the contract requires incurring the full debt that the Praetorian Group covered… plus interest.

PTA is a freeform game in an original universe. Players are expected to be nice to each other (even if their characters are jerks!) and post around twice a week with neat, grammatical posts.

The Player Characters must match certain specific criteria: None have killed anyone, even accidentally, or is a deliberate criminal (other than petty crimes). They have all caused massive amounts of property damage directly related to their inability to control their powers. All PCs, even edgy loner types, must be willing and able to work in a group rather than angst in a corner somewhere. And all joined the PTA voluntarily whatever their situation at the time.

Praetorian Training Academy

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