Legio Alaudae

The team just before the player characters


Symbol: Elephant, Color: Green

Alaudae is a very competent six-person team from PTA that just preceded Legio Ferrata. They tend toward the unorthodox and were involved in the ‘Dam Incident’.

BLāZ: Fire projector. Can shoot fire or turn her body into a living flame that burns through almost anything.
Curieous: Has a field of ‘living radiation’ around her. Even when under control, she’s rather radioactive so wears a suit of transparent armor to block but also direct the radiation.
Daydream: The youngest Praetorian at age 6. She has almost no control over her power to make people sleep but she can make LOTS of people fall asleep.
Division: The only male Praetorian in Alaudae. He sees the whole world in terms of basic geometric shapes and has a tendency to pull out the blocks causing the rest to collapse.
Flit: Transporter. She makes things move around with a kind of teleportation. Large scale teleportation tends to distort the objects… long distances smears them out oddly.
Rewind: Can cause time to back up for about ten seconds for a well-defined area around her. It takes skill and creativity, but in some ways, she’s the most powerful member.


Legio Alaudae

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