Freeform RPGing

For those of you who have never tried a freeform game before, here’s the basic idea. The rest of you know the deal!

There is NO rule system in place with charts, dice, graphs, etc. Everyone is writing a story about their character and how they interact with each other and the universe. Go wild, you’re the star!

But there are some limitations, of course. You can’t control how other people react, what happens to them, or modify the universe. You describe only your own actions and the GameMaster (aka GM, aka The Guy Who Is Running the Show), describes the results. Fun embellishments, side stories, and results that are purely for color are welcome however.

Here are three examples to help illustrate this:

BAD Flame shot a bolt of fire at the villain and he explodes into a million charred chunks! The mayor rushes over and hands her the key to the city and a billion dollars!

DULL Flame shot a bolt of fire at the villain.

GOOD Flame summoned her power and it wrapped around her forearm and hand like a living thing… a reptile composed of fire and smoke. The florist’s kiosk to her left burst into flame and to her right the CO2 tank regulator for the Smoothie-a-Go-Go exploded, sending the metal cylinder careening around the now-empty mall floor.

For those of you who love experience points, advancement does exist but it will be more roleplaying and ‘natural growth’ oriented. If your character is trying new things, experimenting with new ways to use their powers, or just making allies and earning their keep, they will advance… just not in the way you are used to.


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