PTA Staff

Headmaster V: A former hero known as Delta-V who specialized in telekinesis and flight. He also teaches physics and mathematics to the more advanced students.

Celeste Smith: Public Relations guru for the PTA but answerable to the entire Praetorian Group. She’s very good at what she does and her opinion carries a lot of weight.

Marianne Simmons: Coordinator for the PC’s team. She is nominally in charge of the group though she doesn’t go on missions.

Douglas Flaherty: Child protection services representative.

Dorm Mistress/Master India/Indio Everheart: A super with multiple bodies, some male, some female. There is a running pool to figure out what his/her original gender is/was. No one has ever collected and the pot is said to be quite large now.

CREET: A ten-foot tall guardian of the school. Unlikely to be human and is quite possibly completely indestructible.

Bio-Doc 7000: A sentient artificial physician that was liberated from an alternate dimension slave camp.


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